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Reopen Safely

Get a custom url to screen your employees & customers when you reopen! If they are found to be displaying symptoms, you will get an email saying they are: "DISPLAYING SYMPTOMS". See FAQs below for more detail.


Example url:

*Due to the high demand for this service and our limited time as this is a volunteer-run initiative, we are only able to create custom urls for 23 more companies/organizations. But not to worry, we will always keep it free for health care facilities!

Enter your details below and we will create a personalized page for you with your logo and your organization's colors!

We'll get back to you soon!

Custom COVID-19 Screening Platform

Step 1 --> Get your FREE* Custom Screening Platform

As businesses begin to reopen, organizations are advised by their governments to establish proper safety measures to keep their employees and customers safe. See FAQs below if you have any questions.


We offer FREE Certifications to organizations who meet at least 3 of the following safety measures below. 

Safety Checklist for Reopening

  1. We require all employees and customers to get screened before entering our store/office

  2. We check everyone's temperature before they enter our store/office

  3. We supply masks to our employees while they work

  4. We provide masks to customers inside our store/office

  5. We make hand sanitizer available at the door before anyone enters our store/office

  6. We've redesigned our store/office to help keep appropriate social distance 

To receive a Certification that you can either post on your front door or email to your customers, please fill out the form below and we'll send it right away!

Step 2 --> Get your FREE Certification!

Select the safety measures to include on your certificate!

We'll get back to you soon!

Committment to Safety when Reopening


1. "How long does it take for you to create our custom screening platform?"

  • Only 2 days

2. "How do we get notified if someone has symptoms?"

  • You and the customer/employee will receive an automated email with the results and if they are "ADMITTED" or "NOT ADMITTED".

  • The selection of any symptom will result in someone to not be admitted into your store/office for the time being. 

  • If you do not want to receive the full results, you can request that you only receive an email saying they are admitted or not admitted.

3. "Do you share the screening data with the health department or local authority?"

  • No. The screening results are not shared with anyone. Only you and the screening taker receive the results. 

  • Again, you can request to not receive the results either and just receive an email saying if they're admitted or not. See question #2. 

4. "Do I need to screen everyone before they enter my establishment?

  • It depends on your government's procedures for reopening. 

  • Customers are shown to be more comfortable entering stores/offices that are taking all the recommended safety measures, including screening everyone who enters, providing masks to everyone in the store, and making hand sanitizer available at the door.  

Learn more about Certifications below to show your customers & employees that safety is #1

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For more questions on how to open safely, don't hesitate to contact us!

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